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ELK history


was the year when an idea came to fruition: what would it be like to set up a company where professionalism and expertise held equal importance, where the hierarchies were flat and the employees were given the opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making process? What would happen if economic success and personal achievement held the same value? The answer is: ELK.


By the end of the 1980s we start to develop control units.


The first additional employees for production find their place at ELK.
ELK 1995


The founders of ELK - a limited company - have held true to their idea. And it is for this reason that the principles behind ELK have helped it develop into a success story - both for us and our customers. We strive to tackle every task from a new angle through thinking outside the box and challenging established solutions. Moreover, we never let compromises or limitations hold us back; on the contrary, we are guided by the conviction that we are on the right track.


Participation in the research project "SANUS" for the implementation of standards in the workplace analysis.


We develop BAPPU, the multi-measuring device for workplace analysis.


ELK grows to 15 employees.


Axel Stamm today’s managing director finds his place at ELK.


Axel Stamm today’s managing director finds his place at ELK.


Development of the next generation of BAPPU - the multi-measuring device for workplace analysis: BAPPUevo.


We start the development of the bakery software interface „BALI“ for controls - promoted by the government as research project - that adapt the handling from smartphones.


ELK keeps growing: 28 employees.


New website goes online.


The generation change was initiated and with the new CEO Axel Stamm ELK is now under a new management.


Expansion of the software division and development of cloud-based IoT solutions.


ELK takes on the first developments in medical technology. Further professionalization in the development of QT applications for embedded systems.


Systematic expansion of digital processes in all areas of the company.


ELK grows to 33 employees.


Website relaunch: and have a new look.


Pandemic and ELK: ELK GbmH was also not uneffected and made use of the job retention scheme for the first time. Because we had already included home office into our daily business, in the past, it was possible for ELK to overcome these unusual times together, with the excellent support of the workforce.
ELK today


Our customers experience this at first hand: ELK’s solutions are reputed to be practical, user-friendly, reliable and innovative. This is exactly what is important to us. Every day, we commit ourselves with an energy that can only come from people who enjoy their work.


Certification of our QM system; Our IoT measurement technology and BAPPUnow are ready for the market.
  • Revenue: ca. € 3 million

  • Employees: 33

  • Trade partners in: Finland, Poland, Austria, France, Egypt, Netherlands

  • Business units: Measurement technology, contract work for developing electronic modules, development of hard and software as well as production of bakery control units

BAPPU is a product by

ELK - Gesellschaft für Erstellung, Layout und Konzeption elektronischer Systeme mbH


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