Factory calibration and adjustment

The highly sensitive sensors used in the BAPPU device are exposed to mechanical strains and long term drifts. In order to guarantee accuracy specifications while measuring with BAPPUevo a factory calibration and adjustment is recommended every 12 months. The calibration takes about 8 - 10 working days plus transportation time. During this period the device is not available for measuring tasks.

Please send the instrument including all accessories to our calibration service:

Gladbacher Straße 232
D-47805 Krefeld

For questions call: +49 (0)2151-788 86-01

Price List

BAPPU-evo price list factory calibration and adjustment

Price list and order form for the factory calibration of BAPPU-evo and BAPPU-classic.

Calibration verification

As a standard the current variations of all measurements are specified in a calibration document when BAPPU enters our laboratory.  Subsequently the adjustment is carried out. All instruments are checked with regard to functionality and plausibility before delivery. If one or more measurements are damaged so that the current state cannot be speciefied on arrival a calibration acknowledgement is made after repair and adjustment. This document confirms the keeping of tolerances and technical specifications of the respective device. A calibration document specifying all measurements and their variations after the adjustment is available on request and causes additional fees. The order has to be requierd in advance.

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