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BAPPU-evo is now even more versatile

BAPPU-evo is now even more versatile

The success of BAPPU-classic, the compact and practical all-in-one device which measures parameters such as indoor air quality, lighting conditions and noise levels in the workplace is now followed by the next refinement: BAPPU-evo.


  • Easy operation
  • Immediate evaluation
  • Colour display with touch screen
  • USB interface
  • Classification of noise and llluminance measurement
  • Software for preparation, evaluation and documentation
  • Integrated data logger for long-term recording
  • Sturdy case for all components and accessories
  • Optional BAPPäck - the bag for on the road
BAPPU Features
BAPPU Measuring range

Measuring range


  • Air temperature/ dew point
  • Relative humidity
  • Noise level (class 2) with C-Peak
  • Flicker frequency
  • llluminance (class C)
  • Screen brightness (luminance)
  • Luminance contrasts


  • Particulate Matter (PM)
  • VOC-Indicator (volatile organic compounds)
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • CO (carbon monoxide)
  • Air velocity
  • Globe temperature
  • Calculation of PMV/PPD indices and mean radiant temperature
  • BAPPU-time-software (long-term records)


BAPPU-evo is a convenient multi—measuring device for orientation measurements of health—relevant environmental features in workplaces in the areas of administration and industry. BAPPU-evo is characterised by high levels of user-friendliness and many functions that make work easier.

The evolution of a successful model - As far as handling and clarity are concerned, BAPPU-evo follows the successful conceptual design of its predecessor in every respect, but supplements them with contemporary features. These include a USB interface, the colour display, the possibility of integrated continuous recording, additional CO2 measurement, classification in the measurement range of noise (class 2) and illumination (class C), as well as calculation of the comfort indices (climate indices) PMV and PPD. All of this is included in a new ergonomic housing which emulates and consistently continues the form of the BAPPU classic.

As before, all measured values in a workplace are stored together with their evaluation in a specifically identified storage location in the device. From here they can be transmitted to the PC and evaluated with the BAPPU software. The preparation of workplace analyses and long-time recording are also part of the concept. In short: in all points BAPPU-evo fulfils the requirements placed on a modern, efficient and economical all-in-one-device for the occupational health and safety.

BAPPU Description
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